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Addiction Treatment for a Brighter Future

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BRC Healthcare health professional talks to patient about accreditations As the number of people struggling with drugs and alcohol in the U.S. continues to grow, so does the number of addiction treatment centers. While getting help is vital in recovering successfully, finding a center with the correct accreditations is equally as important. Being accredited by national regulatory organizations ensures addiction treatment centers are administering therapies in appropriate ways and treating their clients with care.

BRC Healthcare has a gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission and partners with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals and the Texas Association of Addiction, and Trac9 Informatics to ensure we are accountable to providing the best care possible. We are proud to provide high-quality addiction treatment to those who need it in our Texas rehab and sober living centers. Learn more about BRC Healthcare and find out if one of our programs is right for you by calling 888.559.2036 or contacting us online.

What Is Joint Commission Accreditation?

The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO or “Joint Commission”) helps ensure client safety and care quality meet standards at healthcare organizations in the U.S.

A gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission symbolizes a treatment center’s commitment to and track record of providing clients with safe, high-quality care. A treatment center that has earned the prestigious Joint Commission gold seal of approval has been thoroughly evaluated for its efficacy and quality of care. This evaluation is ongoing and requires a site visit at regular intervals to maintain accreditation. Asking questions to find out if a program is a good fit is still important, but Joint Commission accreditation assures that the quality of care at that particular treatment center is independently considered by professionals outside of the facility. 

We are pleased to have earned the gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission, ensuring clients and their families that the quality of care we provide is among the best in the addiction recovery field.

Why Addiction Treatment Accreditations Are Important

Accreditation from the Joint Commission is a significant accomplishment in the healthcare field. The third-party non-profit organization certifies more than 20,000 healthcare organizations and programs throughout the country and evaluates addiction treatment centers on their commitment to quality and performance. Applying for Joint Commission accreditation is an entirely voluntary process. When a treatment center applies for accreditation, a team of experts visits to perform an onsite review, evaluating the center’s performance in several areas, including:
  • Patient care and safety
  • Evidence-based outcomes
  • Environment of care
  • Leadership
  • Staff credentialing
  • Continuing education
  • Employee background checks
  • Medication safety
  • Ethics
We are proud of our accreditations, especially our Joint Commission gold seal of approval, and are dedicated to providing the best addiction treatment possible to our clients.

Gold Seal of Approval Care at BRC Healthcare

The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval is recognized worldwide as a symbol of quality. Accreditation isn’t something you can buy or apply for online. It’s an extremely rigorous process, and once an organization earns accreditation, it must work to maintain it.

Deciding that you’re ready for treatment for drug or alcohol dependence is only the first step. Once you’ve made that decision, you have to find a program that meets your needs—because you deserve an  addiction treatment that works. When you have certain goals and expectations, you need a program that helps you achieve those goals and satisfies those expectations. You deserve a program that not only addresses addiction but advocates for your future.

At BRC Healthcare, we believe we can equip you with the skills to overcome addiction and empower you to lead a fulfilling life of lasting recovery. Recovery is possible, and we have demonstrated client outcomes and Joint Commission accreditation that show our commitment to quality and accountability. To learn more about how BRC Healthcare can help you achieve and maintain lifelong recovery, contact us today by completing our confidential online form or calling us at 888.559.2036.