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Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction Treatment for a Brighter Future

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New client speaks to healthcare professional about the addiction treatment programs offered in Austin, TexasBRC Healthcare promotes a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. At our centers in the Austin, TX, area, we create treatment experiences that serve clients in all stages of recovery, from medical detox to intensive inpatient treatment to intensive outpatient treatment to transitional living. We also offer drug and alcohol interventions, a Vivitrol treatment program, a case management program12-step-intensive treatmentrelapse preventionaddiction treatment for first responders, a partial hospitalization program, and a veterans program.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we can help. With a track record of successful outcomes and our commitment to using science-based, innovative clinical therapies, our addiction treatment programs change the lives of our clients. Get started on our addiction evaluation today by calling 888.559.2036.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs near Austin, TX

We offer three unique programs in the Austin, TX area that promote lifelong recovery with evidence-based therapies, holistic healing methods, trauma-informed counseling techniques, and medical and psychiatric oversight—Makana Path, BRC Healthcare Center, and Segue Recovery. Each center brings a special focus to addiction treatment but provides the same warm, professional touch of our staff. Research shows that a longer continuum of care increases positive outcomes in the lives of individuals affected by addiction. We offer assessments to qualified clients to ensure they enter our continuum of care at the right place. We use American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria to make all placement decisions. Please review the levels of care we offer to potential clients.

Medical Detox

Often the first step in overcoming dependence on drugs and alcohol involves a medical evaluation to determine if a client needs to enter detoxification. Medical detox pairs FDA-approved medications and 24/7 nursing support in the early stages of recovery. BRC Healthcare’s team of registered nurses ensures our clients are medically monitored at all times. During this time, clients receive help managing their withdrawal symptoms while beginning to explore the root causes of their addiction.

We offer several programs, including:

Makana Path and BRC Healthcare center both provide comprehensive medical detox centers where the cycle of addiction is broken before beginning advanced clinical therapies.

Residential Care

Inpatient and residential care can sometimes be regarded as the same programs. More commonly known as “rehab,” these programs focus on helping clients experience separation from alcohol and drug-using behavior and intensive clinical and 12-step facilitation therapies to begin the journey of recovery. During this level of care at BRC Healthcare, there is also a focus on medical and psychiatric treatment coupled with nutrition and exercise to restore physical health and wellness.

Our residential programs include:

Our Makana Path and other BRC Healthcare programs are designed to ensure the best placement for an individual’s unique needs. Makana Path provides intensive trauma treatment and includes our BRAIN program for the treatment of traumatic brain injuries and dual diagnosis. Many of our clients enroll directly in Makana Path following detox. The BRC Recovery Center in Austin offers advanced treatment for chronic relapse or treatment-resistant clients who may have been unsuccessful in achieving their recovery goals in traditional 30-day treatment programs.

Aftercare Resources

Eliminating the physical dependence on alcohol or other drugs of abuse in detox and learning the skills for sobriety in rehab is important, but maintaining those skills and staying accountable are critical. Our Segue aftercare monitoring programs provide our clients with resources for staying sober and opportunities to remain connected to others in recovery.

We provide two primary aftercare services:

  • Segue Recovery coaching and sober/transitional living – Our Segue programs assist clients with affordable housing and continued recovery support services after the completion of treatment.
  • Alumni programs – Our alumni programs allow our former clients to be part of a recovery community and receive ongoing support from their peers in recovery.

Aftercare resources are available to clients completing addiction treatment at Makana Path and BRC Recovery Center and are also available to clients who may have completed treatment at another facility.

Sober and Transitional Living and Recovery Coaching

Many times, home life can be a challenging aspect of sustainable recovery. Often, people struggling with drugs or alcohol don’t have healthy relationships at home or face many distractions to implementing changes learned in treatment.

Our sober and transitional living services include:

  • High-accountability sober living – Our clients remain immersed in 12-step community support and other personal accountability resources.
  • Traditional sober living – Regular drug testing in safe, sober environments while returning to work allows our clients to build a sober foundation.
  • Graduate-style apartments – As our clients advance in their sobriety, they can live in more independent settings with other like-minded individuals in recovery.
  • Recovery coaching – Clients and families can access a peer recovery support specialist who provides concrete assistance in completing the tasks of early recovery, including help finding a job, creating a schedule that allows time for recovery activities, weekly meetings with someone who encourages recovery and holds clients accountable, and ongoing support for family members as they navigate early recovery.

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At BRC Healthcare, we understand that addiction is a powerful force. We can help you and your loved one can reclaim control of your lives.

Call us today at 888.559.2036 or complete our confidential online form to begin the recovery journey. Our advisors are waiting to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to bringing real change to your family and helping you on the path of lifelong recovery.