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12-Step Immersion Program

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a person talks to a therapist in a 12-step immersion programWhile you may have heard of a 12-step program, you may be wondering what a 12-step immersion program is. A 12-step immersion program, sometimes called 12-step facilitation, is a comprehensive approach to treating addiction. It focuses on helping individuals identify the underlying behavioral and emotional issues that are driving their addiction and limiting progress toward identified goals. The 12-step program is based on the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) recovery model and has been adapted for various addictions. The 12-step program provides individuals with the opportunity to learn and understand how their addiction has affected their lives, as well as provides them with the tools to manage their recovery.

To learn more about BRC Healthcare’s 12-step immersion programs and other addiction therapy programs, contact us at 888.559.2036 today. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the information and support you need to start your recovery journey. We look forward to helping you find lasting healing in your life.

The Logic Behind 12-Step Immersion Programs

In its most traditional sense, the 12 steps of AA give participants the tools they need to lead sober lives. However, without proper training that teaches participants how to implement those tools into their lives, how can you expect someone to be successful at recovery?

One of our primary treatment philosophies at Makana Path and BRC Recovery Center is rooted in 12-step immersion and facilitation. This element of our treatment programs lay the groundwork for successful recovery by connecting our clients to resources that they can use even after completing treatment.  Clients attend meetings daily, participate in parallel programming, and build fellowship to establish a strong foundation for a lasting recovery.

Healing, One Step at a Time

At BRC Healthcare, clients are guided through each of the 12 steps over time in a structured, supportive environment that lays the fundamental foundation for lasting recovery. Each client is assigned a recovery manager as part of their treatment team. These recovery managers are knowledgeable about the 12-step program and receive training in the facilitation of this model. 

Daily meetings with staff help clients build relationships so they feel supported and not alone. Combined with a systematic, structured continuum of care that utilizes a holistic approach, 12-step immersion offers our clients a solid foundation as part of our commitment to maximizing the potential for success in their journey toward lifelong recovery from substance use disorders.

Many members of our staff have personally worked through the 12 steps. Their personal experience approach offers unique, first-hand perspectives that other treatment centers may not have.

The 12 steps of recovery are an important foundation to base treatment off of because:

  • They provide a structure for healing, allowing individuals to move through the recovery process in a logical progression.
  • They emphasize self-reflection and spiritual growth, which is essential to lasting sobriety.
  • They help individuals build strong relationships with peers in recovery and their support network, which are vital tools in maintaining sobriety.
  • The 12-step approach also encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own healing and makes them accountable for the choices they make regarding their substance abuse.

The 12-step approach also helps break the cycle of shame and guilt associated with addiction, allowing individuals to move forward in their recovery journey.

Learn More About 12-Step Immersion Programs at BRC Healthcare

At BRC Healthcare, our 12-step immersion programs are designed to help clients work through each step of the program with the support and guidance of our experienced staff. We believe providing individuals with a safe, nurturing environment to learn about recovery will give them the best chance of lasting healing.

We apply 12-step immersion principles at all of our centers throughout the Austin area.

  • Makana Path – A medical detox and residential treatment center uses the 12 steps to guide clients into sobriety and connect them to a positive community support system after treatment completion. 
  • BRC Recovery Center – Our primary treatment program uses 12-step principles to teach skills needed for sobriety with an emphasis on working with clients who have previously been unsuccessful at other facilities. 
  • Segue Recovery – Staff at our sober living campuses help clients stay accountable using the 12 steps and promote positive social engagement through meeting attendance. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction and would like to learn more about our 12-step immersion program, please contact us today at 888.559.2036. We are here to help you or your loved one find lasting healing in life.