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Chronic Relapse Treatment

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a doctor talks to a client in a chronic relapse treatment centerChronic relapse is a cycle in which a person will alternate through periods of addiction or abstention. A chronic relapser needs professional help to break this relapse cycle of addiction. It is not something they can successfully get through on their own. Dealing with relapse quickly and breaking the cycle is paramount to helping the person live a better life.

Those who experience chronic relapse require a completely customized approach to addiction treatment. At BRC Healthcare, we’ve created a world-renowned program that helps even the most treatment-resistant people to find lasting recovery. Our chronic relapse treatment center combines evidence-based therapies and holistic interventions in order to give individuals the tools they need to overcome all facets of their addiction.

At BRC, relapse prevention therapy is an integral part of every treatment plan. This means that you will be given the skills and resources needed to identify your triggers, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and make lasting changes to reduce the risk of relapse in the future. Contact BRC Healthcare at 888.559.2036 today to learn more about our chronic relapse treatment centers in the Austin, TX area. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to help people achieve long-term sobriety.

What Is a Chronic Relapse Treatment Center?

A chronic relapse treatment center is designed to help people learn how to manage their addiction and prevent it from taking over their life. Our chronic relapse programs in the Austin area are focused on helping individuals make positive changes that will lead to lasting recovery. We also involve family and friends in treatment so that individuals can learn how to build healthy relationships with their loved ones. Additionally, our relapse prevention therapists work closely with recovering individuals, helping them create an individualized relapse prevention plan that is tailored to their unique needs.

Aspects of chronic relapse treatment include:

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Medication management
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, art/music therapy, and more
  • Holistic approaches to recovery

At BRC Healthcare, we understand that relapse can be a difficult topic to address. However, our experienced team of professionals is here to help you find lasting solutions and build a strong foundation for recovery.

Points to Consider when Seeking Chronic Relapse Treatment

When looking for a program to help with chronic relapse, like those at our centers in Austin, Texas, there are many aspects to consider. You want to make sure that you are choosing the right chronic relapse treatment center for your needs. Here are some things to look for when researching which center is best for you:

Gender-Specific Rehab

Gender-specific rehab is highly effective as it allows men or women to focus on their recovery as opposed to each other. Just as men and women are different, the issues they usually need to address in rehab are usually sensitive in nature and best be done in a safe and supportive setting of other clients of the same gender.

Continuum of Care

Recovery and treatment centers that specialize in chronic relapse help usually have a continuum of care for a minimum of 90 days. Programs of shorter duration typically are not sufficient to deal with the physical dependence, psychological resistance, and deep-seated issues of those with chronic relapse tendencies. Ideally, the rehab program will have a primary component for a minimum of 90 days and then a step-down program of aftercare for one year or longer. Aftercare monitoring programs with multiple contacts a week, in addition to group meetings, offer additional support. Sober living can be included or optional, but it also offers an extra layer of support and guidance for the newly sober person.


It is also advisable to check the list of references or go through available social or online network platforms to find out what past and present clients have to say about the center you are interested in. It is always advisable to visit a rehab center before admission. All alcohol and drug recovery and treatment centers offer face-to-face meetings with prospective clients and their loved ones; this naturally offers an opportunity to tour the facility and for both parties to ask all pertinent questions.


Many people seeking help with alcohol and drug addiction use cost as the determining factor. While financial consideration is obviously very important for most people, it is prudent to assess all the components of a program before making a decision. One program may charge $50,000 for 30 days of care, and another will charge the same for 15 months of care. Make sure you are comparing “apples to apples” when assessing the cost of recovery programs.

Discover the Benefits of Chronic Relapse Treatment at BRC Healthcare

At BRC Healthcare, we offer world-class addiction treatment and relapse prevention services in the Austin, TX area. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care and ensuring that each person receives the best care possible. We also offer a continuum of care so that individuals can transition from residential rehab to aftercare without missing a beat. Contact us today at 888.559.2036 to learn more about our chronic relapse treatment center.