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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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a person talks to a therapist during cognitive-behavioral therapyCognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most recognized methods for treating addiction and a number of other mental health disorders. It has a long history of helping individuals overcome their addictions by teaching them how to control their emotions and stop them from causing any negative behaviors. When combined with medical support and other types of behavioral and holistic therapies, CBT gives clients the skills and confidence to reach their recovery goals.

At BRC Healthcare, we welcome all struggling with addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, and other treatable mental health illnesses. Our first step in recovery begins with a full assessment of your physical and mental health to create a tailored treatment program that addresses all aspects of the condition. Clients work closely with therapists in group and private therapy sessions using CBT and other beneficial therapies. To see if our addiction therapy programs in Austin, TX are right for you or your loved ones, call 888.559.2036 today to start a conversation with our friendly team.

Understanding Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy where therapists work with clients to develop new ways to cope with intense emotions and negative feelings. It is one of the most widely-used forms of therapy and has an impressive track record for helping individuals turn their lives around. It was originally developed in the 1960s by Aaron T. Beck after observing how his patient’s internal thoughts were controlling their behaviors.

CBT addiction therapy is based on three main principles:

  • Psychological problems are partially based on negative or harmful ways of thinking.
  • Psychological problems are partially based on learned behavioral parents from parents and their peers.
  • People can learn new ways to cope with their mental health disorders and lead productive and mentally healthy lives.

During therapy sessions, therapists will get into the client’s personal and family history to uncover the root cause of their addiction. Once they identify the issues, they begin teaching clients how to break the association between their negative thoughts and the behaviors it causes. They develop new ways to prevent their cravings from consuming them and causing a relapse or other harmful behaviors.

At BRC Healthcare, we offer cognitive-behavioral therapy in Austin, TX, for individuals through our range of treatment programs. In addition to CBT, clients will participate in a number of other therapies, including medication-assisted treatment, for an all-encompassing recovery program.

What to Expect from CBT Addiction Therapy

Enrolling in CBT addiction therapy is crucial for those whose symptoms are causing a major disruption to their work and personal lives. If left untreated, the addiction will only worsen and cause significant physical and psychological harm that may become permanent.

When you enroll in a treatment program that uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, where is what you can expect during treatment:

  • All clients receive a full assessment to determine to best types of therapies and medication to treat the addiction and their specific symptoms.
  • Therapists conduct private therapy sessions where they work with clients to uncover the reasons behind the addiction and teach them how to process those feelings without causing any cravings.
  • During group therapy, therapists organize group discussions with peers so they can gain insight into how others are coping with their addiction and develop close bonds with them. Additional activities include role-playing games, practicing coping and communication skills, nutrition education, outdoor hikes, meditation and mindfulness practices, and other holistic activities.
  • As clients progress through the program, therapists will monitor their progress and make adjustments to the program and any medications when necessary to ensure forward progress is made.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a very effective program for treating addiction and other mental health disorders. The skills clients learn during therapy promote long-lasting recovery and will improve other aspects of their lives.

BRC Healthcare: Addiction Therapy Programs in Austin, TX

At BRC Healthcare, we offer cognitive-behavioral therapy in Austin, TX, for individuals who are struggling with depression, substance use disorder, PTSD, or other mental health disorders. Our team has years of experience working with Texans from all walks of life at our inclusive treatment center. We offer separate men’s and women’s programs that utilize a number of beneficial therapies that include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Holistic therapies
  • Medication-assisted treatment

To speak with one of our amazing team members, contact us at 888.559.2036 today to find out if our addiction treatment programs are the best option for recovery.