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Rehab Aftercare

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a person talks to a therapist in one of many rehab aftercare programsAddiction treatment does not end when a rehab program concludes. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and rehab aftercare programs offer a meaningful transition to a life of sobriety. An aftercare program focuses on teaching individuals to develop the skills they need to maintain their sobriety in the long term. Addiction treatment aftercare programs involve various services that help individuals cope with addiction and build a strong foundation for a sober, productive life.

BRC Healthcare aims to arm its clients with all the tools needed for long-term sobriety and improved quality of life. We design our aftercare programs with that in mind. For example, our Segue Recovery sober living campus is one of the only sober living and monitoring providers in the U.S. to be accredited by the Joint Commission—a distinguished honor among addiction treatment centers. We have mentored more than 1,000 clients as they transitioned from addiction treatment to independent recovery.

We give individuals a comprehensive set of resources to stay connected with their recovery goals. Our aftercare programs involve drug and alcohol treatment that may include individual counseling and follows a comprehensive approach to recovery, providing all the necessary support needed for lasting sobriety. Contact us at 888.559.2036 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs. We can help you attain the life you deserve.

What Are Rehab Aftercare Programs?

Rehab aftercare programs typically support a person during early recovery and beyond. Aftercare involves interventions, activities, and tips on coping with triggers and stress. Everyone’s aftercare program will look different since everyone has their own needs and preferences. Some commonly used resources include:
  • Sober living housing – This is typically a transitional living environment that provides supervision and assistance with day-to-day tasks like meal preparation.
  • 12-step and other recovery programs – Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous provide peer support and help individuals stay accountable for their recovery.
  • Alumni programs – Alumni programs offer additional opportunities for social support in a safe, sober environment.
  • Individual and group counseling – This can involve individual therapy, group sessions, and other types of counseling to help individuals identify triggers and develop healthy coping strategies.
  • Creating a stable support system with other members or sponsors
  • Outpatient treatment programs
At BRC Healthcare, our approach to aftercare is customized to meet each individual’s needs. We provide a safe and supportive environment while helping you develop the skills and coping strategies necessary for long-term recovery.

The Importance of Addiction Treatment Aftercare Programs

Aftercare plans can help a person prevent future relapses through consistent support. Sometimes working through a person’s struggles can help them remain calm and away from triggers. Once a person has achieved sobriety, they can help others in the same situation. Early recovery can sometimes be overwhelming and vulnerable, but with the right help and guidance, a person can stay on the right track. 

Like addiction treatment plans in general, there are many different types of aftercare, each with its own style. Once a person has finished their treatment, they will meet with their counselors and therapists to create an aftercare plan. There are many factors that go into making an aftercare plan:

  • The individual’s goals
  • The type of treatment they received
  • Resources that would best suit them

There are also several goals that can be set in place depending on employment and housing needs. As with almost all addiction treatment plans, a person’s needs depend on the severity and length of their addiction. Once a person’s needs have been established, their therapist or counselor will help them find resources.

Find Long-Lasting Recovery at BRC Healthcare

A rehab aftercare program is essential to reaching long-term sobriety. At BRC Healthcare, we provide services with long-term recovery in mind. Our aftercare plans are tailored to fit each individual’s needs and recovery goals. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact BRC Healthcare today at 888.559.2036 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you attain the life you deserve.